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Electrostatic powder coating, sandblasting and mediablasting, zinc metallizing

About Zinc Metallizing

Zinc Metallizing is a thermal spray application of a zinc and aluminum coating applied to steel. The gas flame bonding of the zinc to the grit blasted steel is needed to remove any rust or mill scale and prepare the steel for proper adhesion of the zinc. This process protects the steel from corrosion for decades longer than paint alone. This process has been used around the world for 90 years. Steel of every shape and size may be metallized either before or after installation.

Zinc Metallizing Process

The metallizing process always begins with proper surface preparation. Next, aluminum wire or zinc wire is continuously melted in an electric arc spray or gas flame spray gun. Droplets of molten metal from the wire are deposited onto the steel forming the protective coating. This sprayed metal coating is both a barrier coating and a galvanic coating in one. A single metallized coating protects steel for 30 years or longer depending upon the application, coating thickness and sealing. Metallizing is the most effective, long lasting protective coating available today. A metallized coating can outlast paint by a factor of more than two to one.

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